MIXED Cameras

Vivitar DVR-785HD low cost action camera

Simple low cost camera for recording outdoor events.Got more or less replaced by the GoPro

STATUS: Active

GoPro Hero 5 black action camera

4K video, 3 microphones. Way more of a camera than the simple one above.Use it for recording wide view of event, say at fireworks.Or, recording while in kayaks, on ATVís wherever


STATUS: Active

Calumet CC-401 long monorail view camera

This was my studio camera. 4x5 plate film, very long bellows, full motion at front and rear.It often got used as a copy camera for converting printed circuit board film layouts to photo film for board etching. Had 4 lens to work with it, half dozen film holders.



Nikonos-V underwater camera

35mm film camera at home above or below the water.With both a 35mm f2.5 and an 80mm f4 lens suitable for air or water use.Plus a couple of viewfinders to slip onto the shoe mount to match the 80 mm and underwater open frame type.Produced from 1984 to 2001

STATUS: Display case

Rolleicord TLR

Uses 120 roll film, this camera I got from a photo studio that I shot wedding for while in high school.

I later used it for the first few wedding after university, but switched it out for the Hasselblad gear

STATUS: Display case

Kodak Brown Starmite

This was my first camera, back in 1960.Used it until I got hold of a 35mm camera and a faster lens.

Used 127 film and AG1 flash bulbs

STATUS: Display case

Fuji HD-M Water resistant camera

A general purpose point and shot 35 mm film camera that could got to 25 ft. deep in the water (at least that is as far as I took it) Would take bangs, bump and keep on ticking. Came out in the mid 1980ísSold it when I got the Nikonos which I could switch lens on.

STATUS: sold

Minox B

I got this camera used, never used it.Just had to have one of these mechanically marvels. From the early 1960ís.film image size was 8x11mm.†† Every cold war spyís favourite camera.

STATUS: Display case

Nikon zoom 300

Simple zoom 35mm film point and shoot.This was small enough to put your pocket.Carried it as backup for SLR cameras while traveling, or when we didnít want a larger camera. Vintage 1994

STATUS: sold