Photo and Audio Gear

These pages list some of the various photo and audio gear

I own or have owned and my comments about them

35mm film and digital camera systems


Canon 1994 to present



      Canon SLR bodies both digital and film, and non SLR Canons

      Canon EOS Compatible lens

      Canon Flash Gear


      Olympus OM series Cameras 1974 to 1994


      Miranda Camera Gear 1966 to 1974

      Hasselblad Medium format Gear 1977 to 1985

      Mixed cameras all formats 1960 to present

      Lights, light-meters, tripods+heads. bags, cases etc.

      Audio,other AV electronics, film scanner


Updated 2017.10.11

Old stuff

How I copied slides. Film to film in 2002

Test comparison of images Canon 1Ds digital vs. scanned image from ISO 100 print film taken with 300mm f2.8 lens. Done 2002.12.31

Canon Date codes, how to read them


The Photographic Retirement home

The case where my out of service photo gear gets to rest.