Hasselblad Gear

1977 to 1985

500 CM

When I started doing wedding on a full time basis, I decided to switch from the Rolleicord TLR to a medium format SLR and Hasselblad was the one to use.Great local support through Braun Canada. Replace standard film winding knob with the fold out crank

I decided black was a nice touch on the body.

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Quick winding crank

Standard round knob comes off and this crank goes on, much faster to advance film and cock shutter on the 500 CM

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50mm f4 T* Wide angle lens

From past experience I knew I needed something wider than 80mm, and this 50 mm was perfect.Just wide enough for large groups, but not going to distort.

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100mm f3.5 T* Long Normal lens

I looked at the very common 80 mm version, and talking to some tech support people, learned that their new 100 mm was sharper, and had almost zero distortion.And, since I was also doing aerial photography (having a pilotís license helps). This lens would work out the best.

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250mm f5.6 T* Telephoto lens

Added an optional focal length for some tight cropping

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500 ELM

I needed a backup body, could not trust shooting a wedding with only one body at hand. (but I never needed it).At a seminar I saw this body in action.Electric remote shutter release, takes all same stuff as the first body.Perfect for portraits and other studio work

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A12 film packs

Unlike my 35mm gear, these cameras use removable film packs that can be swapped on or off with film in them.So, I purchased two of them, each taking 12 exposures on size 120 film.†† I felt that I would rather have more rolls of film for a wedding or other job and if a processing fault happened, I didnít lose as much.It also allowed me to split a wedding ceremony and other critical events onto two films.

Always keep the spare loaded while shooting, so I could swap new pack in quickly, and reload the other pack during a short break.

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Polaroid film pack

In the digital world now you can look at the results of a shot on the back screen, check exposure etc.Back then you put a neutral density filter in from of the lens to lower the effective speed of the polaroid film down to match the colour film was shooting with, take a shot and check.

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Eye level prism finder

The fast pace of a wedding is not the place to try to use a waist level finder other than group shots. So I got this type of finder for the top of my 500 CM.

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Pistol grip for body

Making life easier, using this type of grip allowed for much faster shooting.I added a bracket to the top to allow the flash gun to fit to the right side of camera and clear the film winder. I also got a similar for the ELM, but didnít use it very much.

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Bellows type lens hood

Not only did this device protect the front element from stray light, but I had a series of slides that would fit into the front.Using double exposures I could put the bride/groom pair into an outside shot of the church, or with heart shaped cut-out, make the out of focus flame of candles in the background of the rings/hands take the shape of hearts.Lots of uses.†† Also this is where I put the ND filters for the Polaroid back

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Studio chimney style viewfinder with adjustable eyepiece focus

This viewfinder worked very well for studio work, or outdoor work where I was setting up the shot, lots of time, and the design of the hood completely blocked outside light.

In later days I have used this hood on the rear of some of the Canon DSLR when shooting video.

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Double Hand grip for ELM

I got this for aerial photography and another places where I needed to have a good grip on the camera.The top of the one handle has a shutter release button during shooting you only needed to aim and push the button.

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Sports finder

This finder was designed for use with longer lens, it clips to the front top edge of normal lens hood as supplied with the lens.You line up the lines and shoot away.Mostly used for aerial photography. You can clearly see the surrounding area, and what is inside the picture area.

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Sports finder for shorter lens.

This finder goes on the side of the body in the special mount place that is there.You select a mask (the blue part) to match the lens you are using, you move the eyepiece part back and forth to the correct marked focus distant.Simple.With either sport finder you have clear view of the surrounding action and still know what is inside the picture area.

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Macro photography bellows

Since I had my darkroom setup to print colour photos quickly from medium format film, (and 35mm), and I had thousands of colour 35mm slides, I used this device with the 100 mm lens to make an inter-negative of the slide that I then printed from.

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Quick focus handles

These simple handles fit onto the focus ring of the lens and allow fast and easy adjustment of the focus. They came with little coloured markers that you could put at specific focus distances.

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Quick tripod release adapter

This device was attached to the top of the tripod, and the camera body which has special plate on bottom (they think of everything) simply slides on and locks.Flip the lever and remove body.

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