Canon 580 EX II flash

My current good flash. 

Has weather seal on hot shoe for outdoor shooting, accepts external power packs.  Level type lock for attaching to hot shoe.  Purchased in 2008

STATUS: Active

Canon 550 EX flash

I have two of these flashes. Not quite as fancy as the 580, uses screw lock to hot shoe. No weather seal skirt.  These date back to my EOS-1v and EOS-3 bodies, but they were advanced enough to feature pre-flash exposure control

Does take external booster batteries

STATUS: Active

Canon 420 EX flash

This is the smallest flash I have for Canon EOS system.  Generally used as a travel flash

Does not take booster packs

STATUS: Active

Canon MT-24EX Macro Twin light

Having had ring lights before, I decided this time to go with the twin light system.  I can run either or both lights, and move them around.  They come with mounting ring that directly attaches to the Canon 180mm macro, as well as the 50mm macro.  However I have some other bracket systems that will put the lights out much further for more modeling effect

STATUS: Active

Canon 430 EZ flash

This was a flash from the film era.  It used E-TTL (Evaluative-Through-The-Lens) that means no pre-flash.  It required the meter to read the flash source light being reflected off the film surface.  The concept did work too well for digital sensors.  I purchased this flash to work with the A2E


Canon 200 E flash

This was a flash from the film era.  It was purchased for use with the film based Rebel X and with the A2E when traveling.


Canon ML-3 Macro light flash

This was a flash from the film era.  It worked just great with the various film cameras, however, like other EZ series flashes, it did not work when I got the 1Ds body.  It just fired full power.  A nice feature of this flash was the small light bulbs in it which gave you some light to see and focus on your subject, as well as what the lighting effect might look like.


Canon Compact Battery Pack E

I have two of these packs.  Each takes 6 size AA batteries.  The end plugs into a port on most of the advanced Canon flash guns.  So instead of the flash using on 4 batteries to recycle by, it now has 10 batteries power the flash.  Way faster recycling time, and 250% the number of flashes.  Obtained back in the film era, for use with the older style flashes, they still work fine with the likes of the 580EXII

STATUS: Active

Canon STE2 Speed Light transmitter

Instead of mounting a flash on the camera body, this device using IR control, and having a few flashguns set to slave mode, allows you to create a portable studio like lighting system.

STATUS: Active

Canon Off Shoe flash extension cable

I have two Canon brand versions of this cable, the new one has faster lock and weather seal skirt, and a brand X version. Simple device that allows you to get the flash off the camera, and move it where you need it.  If you donít have a ring light flash, you can remote you normal accessory flash and put it closer to the say the flower, or off to the side for better modeling.  There are brackets that hold your flash higher above the lens, and rotate when camera is in vertical shot mode to get you flash back above the lens for natural shadows.  (take a look at most wedding photographers shooting)

STATUS: Active